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Job Description

Sumitomo SHI FW is looking for a

Product Manager, Rotating Equipment

Reporting to the Director, Solution Development, Energy Storage Business Line, you will have ownership of Rotating Equipment for Energy Storage on E2E basis and deliver Sumitomo SHI FW strategy for being among the top solution providers in Long Duration Energy Storage market.

You will be responsible for defining and optimizing Rotating Equipment for Liquified Air Energy Storage as well as for supporting the Strategic Sourcing team and Service team for developing collaborative supplier relationships with focus on customer satisfaction, growth, and profitability.

Location: Flexible. Europe (Espoo, Finland or other SFW location)

You will have an important role in driving LAES value proposition in global markets by orchestrating Rotating Equipment (compressors, turbines, blowers, pumps) within the LAES solution from ideation to end-of-life. This will include analysis and understanding of market and customer drivers, defining value propositions, and translating the customer needs into technical solution development requirements for the engineering.

You will support and work closely with Customers and collaborate with internally with Strategic Sourcing, Market and Business Development, Engineering, Service, Marketing, Proposal and Commercial, Technology and Project Management to ensure alignment, communication, and work towards creating optimal value for the customer.

You will be integral part of Solution Development team being responsible for managing the product and solution from the concept to end of life including traceability, managing product releases, and supporting the life cycle team for development of life cycle offerings.

Key Accountabilities And Responsibilities

Responsible for

  • identifying and developing collaborative relationships with suppliers for Compressors, Turbines, Blowers and Pumps in cooperation with strategic purchasing team
  • defining critical parameters of Rotating Equipment needed in the LAES process and providing input parameters to the steady state and dynamic modelling team.
  • steering and supporting development, integration, and optimization of automation and control systems of Rotating Equipment.
  • developing the product strategy and roadmap for Rotating Equipment E2E, based on market and customer requirements.
  • developing the standardized and modular solution in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders with the focus on quality, cost, efficiency, and faster deliverability.
  • managing the product throughout its lifecycle and provide support to lifecycle Service team for developing the life cycle offerings.
  • techno- commercial discussions with strategic suppliers and support the Strategic Sourcing team for partnership and frame agreements wherever needed. Work closely with the Strategic Sourcing team for development of the suppliers.
  • leading the solution development projects in close cooperation with internal stakeholders.
  • developing Technical Risk Assessment for Rotating Equipment and manage the process through the concept to end of life.
  • developing the product configuration, structure, and database in the software tools.
  • technical evaluation of the solution and the product for Fit to Product Range analysis.
  • maintaining the cost level of the solution for both CAPEX and OPEX in line with the market and customer requirements.
  • developing technical specifications and managing product documentation.
  • tracking and maintaining the traceability of requirements from all stakeholders across product and solution release. Monitor progress and performance.
  • being the contact point for customers and stakeholders for Compressors, Turbines Blowers, and Pumps
  • supporting market and business development teams on topics involving Rotating Equipment as well as the marketing team to develop presentation materials.

What We Expect From You

  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in science, engineering with strong technology background. MBA is an advantage
  • 10 years or more of experience in Engineering, Product and Solution Development, Technology management with Rotating Equipment, preferably from power generation, process or LNG industry, renewable energy, or energy storage.
  • Experience and professionalism – having worked in global environment with multidisciplinary and multi-cultural teams
  • Ability to work independently, results driven, demonstrating tenacity, drive, and perseverance with the ability to deliver operational plans in a complex, highly demanding environment.
  • Being a resilient and enthusiastic individual who responds constructively to new ideas and inputs
  • Being a strong leader with ability to communicate effectively with key stakeholders to influence cross-functional engagement
  • Being an effective team player, actively develops and supports team members to become future leaders.
  • Capability to maintain compliance with standard policies and procedures

For more information, please contact Hannu Jeronen, Director, Solution Development, email:

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