Andritz Oy, Finland: Kesätyöntekijöiden haku käynnissä (hakuaika päättyy 9.2.2024)

Become a part of engineered success!

Enthusiastic about working at the forefront of future engineering technologies that contribute to a sustainable future? Want to be part of our empowering community of passionate minds? Are you looking for a summer internship in an organization that provides solutions driving decarbonization, circular economy and environmentally sound energy generation? If yes, read further!

Join our team of passionate minds

As a summer trainee, you will have a chance to put your skills into practice and be part of our global community. Each year, we recruit tens of summer trainees in Finland and organize joint activities to help trainees get to know each other and collaborate. Our diverse summer jobs vary from R&D, engineering, manufacturing, sales, project operations and service to quality, purchasing, software development and IT. Based on the feedback from previous years, our trainees appreciate our positive atmosphere (4.8/5*) as well as the equal treatment of all employees (4.9/5*). We are happy that altogether 96%* of our summer trainees 2023 would recommend us as an employer!

* Feedback from summer trainees 2023 in Oikotie Vastuullinen työpaikka survey.

Contribute to a sustainable future

Every day, ANDRITZ continues to deliver successful innovative solutions to our customers globally. Why are we so successful? Because we are passionate and love what we do! We are at the forefront of future engineering technologies, with solutions that ensure the success of our clients in key industries shaping the future of the world we live in. Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy, and we aim to make the greatest possible contribution to a sustainable future. Read more about our #circletozero initiative as an example of our work towards zero emissions and zero waste and about our textile recycling solutions.


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