In North and Central Savo, an ecosystem of the energy and technology sector is created with synergy!

release 3rd of November 2023

The North Savo Energy Cluster has been tuning up its energy networks in Eastern Finland since October last year, and now the active synergy and innovation platform is already working at full capacity. The energy cluster is at the center of the energy technology industry, creating a strong regional concentration, and networking has been done actively among different stakeholders in order to highlight the expertise of the North and Central Savo region.

This is getting a big screen place next spring, when the cluster is organizing a big industry event in Varkaus. “The event will be a demonstration of regional competence, which is aimed at in cooperation with various stakeholders,” says branch manager Kirsi Kinnunen, from North Savo Energy Cluster. The most visible partners for the event are the field of innovative member companies of the cluster, the units offering training in the energy and technology field of the region, the municipalities of the surrounding area and, of course, the city of Varkaus. Synergy benefits are also sought from the tie-up projects of Navitas Kehitys Oy, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Savo Vocational College, as well as from other actors in the region.

Internationally, the cluster’s activities have already aroused interest within a short time in terms of cooperation clusters and the business field, and a market research trip to Atlanta, USA is also underway. Kirsi Kinnunen expects to bring home a lot from the trip: “This was a unique opportunity to meet and network with industry actors, decision-makers and investors. We have highlighted the activities and strengths of the member companies of our cluster. We have top class expertise in the North and Central Savo region, also on an international scale. We managed to create good contacts at the state, federal and more local level, the importance of which will be very valuable in the future for operators in our region. Cooperation meetings have already been arranged during the visit and more are still to come!”

The energy industry is undergoing a huge change, and the abandonment of fossil energy increases the need for more clean forms of energy and the development of technologies. The cluster enables more effective RDI activities that support the needs of business life, which covers cooperation with educational organizations, research institutes and companies. Strengthening the operation of the energy cluster also supports the strengthening of an attractive concentration of expertise and international networking. The North Savo Energy Cluster has also been approved for the European Cluster Collaboration Platform from early 2021.

A significant network of operators in the energy sector operates in the North Savo and especially in the Central Savo region. The project’s target group is energy and technology companies in North Savo province and the Pieksämäki region, as well as SMEs that provide services to them. The target group also consists of energy-intensive operators who use a lot of energy in their production or business. Through the project, cooperation and know-how are increased, which supports the introduction of new technology and the utilization of the opportunities it offers in companies.

The development work of the energy cluster started in the development project of the R&D ecosystem of North Savo Energy Technology, EnEko2020, financed by the Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo. The implementation period of the North Savo Energy Cluster project is 1st October 2022 to 30th September 2025, and the project receives part-financing from the European Union from the North Savo Federation, cluster is also financed by municipalities, cities and companies in the region.

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