The North Savo Energy Cluster informs the media and all interested parties about its activities through announcements and newsletters.

Communication instructions

The visual identity of the North Savo Energy cluster is built around our logo, reflecting the importance of the cluster as a key element for its stakeholders. With that, we want to bring out a unified and recognizable brand as a builder of common goals and networks.

You can download our logo from here.

When communicating about the North Savo Energy Cluster, we hope to bring forward the main financiers during the project period 2022-2025, who enable the development of the cluster; The development of the North Savo Energy Cluster is financed by the Regional Council of North Savo through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the Renewing and competent Finland 2021-2027 program (EU regional and structural policy program). The project also implements the North Savo provincial program 2040 and the provincial program 2022-2025. Municipalities and companies in the surrounding area also participate in financing.

You can download funders’ logos from here.
You can download project’s executives’ logos from here.

We also distribute announcements on our social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.