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The cluster’s energetic network extends to both national and international actors and communities..

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The annual membership fee of the Cluster is determined by company´s turnover as follows:

  • Start up: 100 € / year
  • 0 – 500 000 €: 500 € / year
  • 500 000 – 1 million €: 1 000 € / year
  • 1 – 9,9 million €: 1 500 € / year
  • 10-49 million €: 3 000 € / year
  • 50 – 99 million €: 5 000 € / year
  • over 100 million €: 8 000 € / year

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Sustainable energy with synergy!

The cluster works at the core of its various stakeholders, bringing together the innovative companies of the field, educational and research organizations, cities and the workforce, as well as students oriented to the field, without forgetting the associations of the field, public organizations and national and international clusters of the field.

We work as an active platform in the field of information, centrally, regarding current events and trainings in the field, and we actively organize them ourselves, offering our stakeholders the latest research information and practical support alongside development work, including the possibilities of funding forms and legislation. For practical development work, the cluster offers an easy route to the Energy Research Center, which is unique at the European level, which offers e.g. product development and testing as well as training services in the areas of energy production, transmission and distribution as well as energy storage for companies and other entities in the technology sector.

The cluster is a network that opens doors and also enables international cooperation and networking opportunities through international cluster activities.

Why join our cluster?

 As a company member, you get to enjoy extensive content that brings added value to your company:

Centralized up-to-date information and training

  • the member companies get to hear from the experts in the field from the point of view of ongoing research
  • current information in the form of a newsletter about upcoming events (member events, industry events, company presentations)
  • access for member companies to “members only” events and trainings
  • pathways to national and international clusters and their networks.
  • the channel for members also shares its own current information on the Cluster’s channels, such as open recruitment and its own events

Business development, R&D activities and agile platforms

  • access to Innovation groups, where themes and initiators are weighted according to the needs of company members
  • a direct route to the regional Energy Research Center and its organization, which is unique at the European level
  • the opportunity for agile development and commercialization of services and products through cross-sector cooperation
  • support how to develop and promote the personnel’s competence in identifying the energy balance in their own work environment
  • information and support for mapping the needs of change phases and processes, for example with regard to existing financial elements and legislation
  • by working together, companies have better opportunities to develop new innovations and grow into an attractive partner also internationally
  • presenting the company’s needs to training organizations for future workforce training and current development
  • growing the regional ecosystem in the region is also an advantage of the member companies internationally