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The members and stakeholders of the cluster are respected innovative pioneers in their field, for whom responsibility and the pursuit of it are at the core of their operations.

Innovative energy from synergy!

The North Savo Energy Cluster promotes and supports the renewable energy industry, e.g. in terms of hydrogen economy, carbon dioxide recovery and the innovation of new energy storage systems through R&D innovation groups, stakeholders and cooperation networks. The members and stakeholders of the cluster are respected innovative pioneers in their field, for whom responsibility and the pursuit of it are at the core of their operations. On a practical level, we want to support and promote the development, piloting and commercialization of products, materials, services and production methods that promote the carbon neutrality of companies in a versatile way at different stages of the process, providing a functional platform for enabling development leaps in a cost-effective manner. This regional Energy Research Center, unique even on a European scale, offers product development and testing as well as training services in the areas of energy production, transmission and distribution as well as energy storage.


North Savo Energy Cluster acts as an innovation platform for the technology and energy sector. We want to be a pioneer in the field and support regional companies in the transition of the energy sector and in the goals of the green transition by offering measurement, testing, analysis and viewing services. In the network of the energy cluster, you can find testing environments, laboratory facilities and measuring equipment for both testing new products and piloting products. The energy cluster is also involved in building new testing environments according to companies’ needs and enabling the development and commercialization of new products.

Our mission is to contribute to creation of new innovations and companies and to support companies towards more responsible operations. At the innovation center, we build and innovate together for a greener tomorrow so that every company has the opportunity to be on the top of the wave of development.

The research organizations that provide services to the Innovation Center of North Savo Energy Cluster are Savonia University of Applied Sciences and the University of Eastern Finland. From the links below, you can learn more about the available research environments.

Energy Research Center

Savonia University of Applied Sciences

  • Fluidised bed and grate boiler testing environment
  • Pyrolysis combustion and testing environment

Fine Particle and Aerosol Technology Laboratory

University of Eastern Finland

  • Combustion and emissions
    • SIMO – Residential Wood Combustion Simulator
    • Combustion laboratories
  • Battery research environment
    • FunktioMat – Pilot
    • Nanotechnology Laboratory

Innovation groups

Energy Cluster offers its members the opportunity to participate in innovation groups, the purpose of which is to focus more and more deeply on topics of interest to members with the help of visiting initiators, and to make the latest research information easily available to members. The subject areas of the innovation groups live according to the interest of the members and the latest technologies, focusing on solving the challenges of the green transition and the energy transition. In innovation groups, members get to hear interesting presentations and network with other members interested in the topic area, while creating opportunities for cooperation.

The themes of the innovation groups are centered around renewable energy sources, energy storage, carbon dioxide recovery and hydrogen, without forgetting the new future needs and innovations of the energy and technology sector, which we always bring to the innovation groups according to the interests of the members. In addition to the events we organize ourselves, we actively inform about both national and international events related to the innovation groups’ themes.

We are at the forefront of development, join the group!

We are building a better and sustainable tomorrow

Renewable energy sources

Energy storage

Carbon dioxide recovery


We, the Cluster Group, are building a better and sustainable tomorrow, we want to solve the challenges of the energy sector together and create new innovations that will help us get towards a cleaner future. Join us and be part of our highly skilled network!