Basics of Energy Technology, Savonia University of Applied Sciences/ Open University of Applied Sciences (free online course)

Credits: 5 Enrollment: 12/1/2023, 9:00 AM – 1/2/2024, 11:59 PM Duration:1/8/2024 – 4/30/2024

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Content: –Energy sources Different forms of energy, energy production, energy transfer, energy consumption Principles of energy production plants operations for example back-pressure steam plant, hydropower, wind power, solar power and many other ways of producing energy Finland’s energy supply and energy security Energy needs of industry and energy saving opportunities Fuel analysis (moisture content, calorific values and ash content) Flue gas measuremets in duct or stack (FTIR analyser) Occupational Safety Card

Objective: During the study module (course) student becomes familiar with different forms of energy, energy production, energy transfer, energy consumption and energy costs. Student knows how to handle, analyse and report measurements and the results obtained from them.

Student’s use of time and effort: Participating lectures and exams 42 h Week assignments 81 h Preparing and reviewing for exams 10 All together 133 h

Evaluation scale: Five step scale Further information for students: Free online course for Open UAS students. Teaching language(s):en Course code: IM00BD33-3001

Teaching methods: Energy sources fossil and renewable, energy consumption, environmental challenges, political guidance Different forms of energy, energy balances, energy transfer, Fuels their analysis (moisture content, calorific values and ash content) Chemistry related to energy production for example fuel combustion Principles of energy production technologies for example steam-, hydro-power, wind power plants, Principle of refrigerators and heat pumps Future scenarios and energy technologies

Teaching material: Materials (PDF-files and video tutorial recordings) published on the Moodle learning platform. Assignments and exams on the Moodle online learning platform. Formula book

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