What advantages?

Energy Cluster North Savo – Collaboration for sustainable solutions.

Energy Cluster North Savo provides services for companies in the energy sector in different phases of the innovation processes from identification of ideas to product commercialisation

  • by providing measurement, testing, analysis and survey services for analysis and improvement of existing energy transformation processes
  • by providing laboratory facilities and measurement instruments for testing of novel products
  • by providing test environments and measurement instruments for piloting of novel product ideas
  • by building new test environments based on business needs

Membership benefits

  • Special member prices for measurement, testing, analysis and survey services.
  • Visibility on the website and events of Energy Cluster North Savo.
  • Energy Cluster North Savo offers a platform for networking and collaboration.
  • Opportunity to get the latest updates on developments and trends in the energy sector.
  • Invitation and free-of-charge participation in events organised by Energy Cluster North Savo (seminars, education and training, networking events).
  • Opportunity to participate in the activities of the RDI teams in different thematic areas.
  • Opportunity to participate in the project preparations of the Cluster.


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