The North Savo Energy Cluster has been approved for the ECCP cluster platform from the beginning of 2021.

Low carbon as a goal!

The energy industry is undergoing a huge transition, and the abandonment of fossil energy increases the need for more clean forms of energy and the development of technologies. Energy Cluster activities support the significant network of energy industry in the North Savo and especially the Central Savo region, the development of the industry and the creation of a functioning ecosystem in the region.

The Cluster and its members are respected innovative pioneers in their field, for whom responsibility is part of their activities and values. The development and training needs of the existing workforce as well as the development and recruitment of future experts in the field are also part of the cluster’s mission, without forgetting the training opportunities. The regional Energy Research Center in the cluster’s network, which is unique on a European scale, offers product development and testing as well as training services in the areas of energy production, transmission and distribution as well as energy storage.

The cluster also offers a comprehensive networking channel to national and international clusters including their stakeholders.

The development work of the cluster started in the development project of the R&D ecosystem of North Savo Energy Technology (EnEko 2020), funded by the North Savo Association.

For the years 2022-2025, the development of the North Savo Energy Cluster is financed by the The Regional Council of North Savo association through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the Renewing and competent Finland 2021-2027 program (EU regional and structural policy program). The project also implements the North Savo provincial plan 2040 and the provincial program 2022-2025. Municipalities and companies in the surrounding area also participate in financing.

The North Savo Energy Cluster has been approved for the ECCP (European Cluster Collaboration Platform) cluster platform from the beginning of 2021.

Cluster team

Did you have questions or would you like more information about the Cluster and its operation? Feel free to contact us! You can leave a contact request via the contact form at the bottom right of the page or Direct contact with cluster team members!

Navitas Kehitys Oy  (Project main implementer / communication / planning)

Kirsi Kinnunen, Branch manager, North Savo Energy Cluster
puh. 044 794 9704 tai

Pia Nevalainen, Project assistant, North Savo Energy Cluster
puh. 044 729 8470 tai

Savo Vocational College/ SAKKY (Competence development)

Esa Varis, Teacher (Mechanical and Production Engineering)
puh. 044 785 8349 tai

Risto Korhonen, Trainer (technology)
puh. 044 785 3170 tai

Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Innovation and technological development)

Jarno Ruusunen, Research and Development Manager
puh. 044 7856 778 tai

Petteri Heino,  R&D Expert (machine and energy industry)
puh. 044 7856 759 tai